TICKLISH Faye Walker is to push through the pain barrier – by having 50 names tattooed on her feet.

The 27-year-old will permanently ink the names of the highest bidders onto the soles of her size threes to raise money for cancer charity Sue Ryder Care.

And the gruelling task is being made even harder by the trainee teacher’s ticklish feet.

Faye, of Min Awel, Flint, said: “I’m going to go through a lot of pain to do this and I have been warned about how much it hurts.”

Asthma sufferer Faye said she wanted to do something different to raise money for the charity after the death of her aunt Sharon Robbins in October and her grandfather Tommy Robbins earlier this month. She said: “Cancer has played a big part in my life. My husband also lost his mum to cancer 10 years ago, on November 17.

“Normally people do the Race for Life, but I have asthma so it is out of the question. This is my way of doing something different.

“I am trying to do all I can to fight cancer and raise money, especially for the hospices.”

Faye, who already has 14 discreet tattoos, said she will auction off the chance to have a name or business name tattooed on her feet.

“I’m hoping to raise at least £500 and the names will be quite a reasonable size.

“Anyone who would give me money can have their name on – but no rude words.

“Underneath your feet is one of the most painful places you can have it done and I have got ticklish feet as well.”

Faye moved to the area in 2007 to be with husband James, a Flint native and teacher at St David’s High School, Saltney.

Flint tattoo parlour Tattoo Shack will be carrying out work at cost price.

Faye said: “James thinks I am a little bit mad, but he knows that once I get an idea I have to do it. I’m trying to get each foot done in one go.

“To get through the pain I plan to put my iPod on – I don’t like the sound of it.

“Afterwards I will be wearing my slippers and walking around on crutches.

“The tattoos will be discreet so I can keep them hidden when I want to.”

If you would like your name to adorn Faye’s feet contact 07824 601701.