A MAN accused of masturbating in public said he was merely adjusting his trousers.

CCTV footage captured Ernest Divall, 56, of Mostyn Road, Llandudno, committing the offence in a communal area of the Plas Y Wern Hostel in Wrexham.

Divall pleaded not guilty to a breach of his bail conditions at Flintshire Magistrates’ Court yesterday but was convicted.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, said his act of masturbation jeopardised the safety of hostel staff and caused a nuisance to the local neighbourhood after the CCTV footage was played before the court.

He said: “There are terms and conditions that the defendant signed to say he would comply with the hostel rules, but Mr Divall did not comply.

“You were clearly masturbating.”

Divall told the court: “Do you need a microscope?

“The footage just shows me tuning the television and adjusting my trousers because I have got a bit of a belly.

“I was absolutely not masturbating.”

Divall was on bail following a public order offence in Llandudno where he made lewd comments to a female police officer and groped a female shopworker.

He is still awaiting sentence for this offence.

Mr Espie added: “The defendant approached a female police officer who was dealing with a public order incident.

“Over a period of 10 minutes he made sexual comments towards her while grabbing his penis and asked if he could take her to bed.

“He then proceeded to a nearby Aldi supermarket where he grabbed the breasts of a shopworker.

“He was later arrested in McDonald’s restaurant.”

Henry Hills, defending, said Divall had had a troubled past and suffered from depression.

He said: “It is not an offence to masturbate. It is part of the rich tapestry of life and that is the reality of it.”

Divall was remanded in custody to be sentenced for all charges in Llandudno on December 6.