A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl ended up with dreadful injuries after being hit in face by a rocket during a weekend bonfire party.

Her worried mother says little Seren Randles was lucky not to lose an eye when the rocket smashed into her as it fell back to earth after exploding in the air
Seren, who was at a fireworks display staged by family friends in a field at Llay on Saturday evening, needed eight stitches to a gash near the bridge of her nose.

There was also a burn to her cheek.

Seren’s mother Katherine Jones, 30, of Brynteg, said: “It was a private party for a group of family and friends and everyone was enjoying themselves.

“There was a group of us sitting on chairs about 60 feet away from where the fireworks were being let off, so we thought we were quite safe.

“Seren was sitting on my knee when the rocket was set off.

“Its stick had been put into the ground and when it was lit it went straight up into the air and exploded but then it veered over and came back down towards us.

“It hit Seren right in her face and I have never seen so much blood. She had a horrendous gash.

“If her face had been at a slightly different angle it would have gone into her eye and she would have lost her sight.”

She added: “Everyone was horrified about what had happened.

“We dashed her straight to A&E at Wrexham Maelor Hospital and they put in two internal stitches and six external ones near the bridge of her nose.

“Her eye swelled up so much she couldn’t open it at first but the hospital did tests and said her sight would be all right.

“She has to go back to hospital today to have the stitches taken out under anaesthetic. It’s been very painful for her and she is very upset.

“She shudders now when she hears a bang and she said to me, ‘no more fireworks, mummy’.

“I am not blaming the people who were holding the display at all. The rocket was set off at what we thought was safe distance.

“We just didn’t expect that amount of debris to come out of it after it had exploded. It was the stick, the casing and everything that hit Seren in the face.

“I just want to warn other people to be so careful with fireworks.”

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service’s senior fire safety manager Gareth Griffiths said: “The best way to reduce the number of injuries during bonfire celebrations is by attending organised events.

“We would ask families planning back garden bonfires and fireworks parties to reconsider and attend a community bonfire and fireworks display instead.

“They are the safest type of displays, have the best facilities and offer the best value for money.”