PLANS for reviving an historic docking area are set to take a big step forward.

A public meeting will be held on Monday to establish a Friends of Flint Dock group to regenerate the area.

The meeting has been organised in the hope that a new group could attract funding to improve the Dee estuary site, following similar projects across Flintshire.

Cllr Ian Roberts, who is helping to arrange the event, said: “We hope there are people out there who are willing to come forward and play their part in establishing the Friends of Flint Dock.

“Once the group is set up we would be looking to take things from there, applying for grants and so on.

“There is definitely potential here in Flint, with the flushing lagoon still there, and we would like to make the dock area as attractive as possible.”

A three-year project to revamp Greenfield Dock was completed earlier this year, while groups have been set up in communities such as Bagillt and Connah’s Quay to help raise the possibility of their docks being improved.

Cllr Lorna Jones, Mayor of Flint, is urging members of the Flint community to come forward and make the dock’s revival possible.

She said: “I am fully behind the meeting and recognise the importance of the dock to the town.

“The dock has a long history and we would hope improvements would increase tourism and business in the town as well as being somewhere residents wish to visit.

“The group needs to be independent of the council to apply for grants, but we would be keen to work alongside them as much as possible.”

There have been previous concerns voiced from users of the dock, such as fishermen, about the decline of the site, including its appearance and alleged vandalism to boats.

Richard Polden, spokesman for the nearby Flint Lifeboat Station, told the Leader that RNLI members would be attending the meeting.

He said: “Any new development which can assist us in launching lifeboats is to be welcomed.

“Anything that happens along the river is of interest to the RNLI and we will be interested to see what is said at the meeting.”

Monday’s meeting is at Flint Town Hall at 7.30pm.