MINDLESS vandals have been blamed for a £10,000 wrecking spree in a late night attack.

Residents have spoken of their shock after a host of cars were targeted in the same Buckley street.

Cars parked on Avondale Road on Saturday night were scratched, some with distinctive heart symbols.

Damage was also caused to cars and property on nearby Briar Drive, Delamere Avenue and Conwy Avenue.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

Darryl Jones, 46, of Delamere Avenue, parks his car on Avondale Road and was shocked when he woke up on Sunday morning to find two of the family’s cars damaged, along with a number of others.

He said: “It is mindless kids, I do not think they realise how much damage they have done.

“I was talking to a neighbour and we think the damage could be between £9,000 and £10,000.

“I have lived here for 25 years and we have never had anything like this before.”

His wife Sharon had her car damaged with the cost expected to be more than £400 while daughter Sarah, 20, a nursing student at Chester University, had her Renault Clio damaged.

Sharon said: “This is an expense she does not need. She is heartbroken.”

It is thought the symbols may be connected with Finish metal band HIM and with a skateboarder from prank television show and movie franchise, Jackass – the third instalment of which was released on November 5.

Mr Jones said: “Insurance for my daughter’s car costs £1,000, now it is going to cost her more.

“With the excess and losing the no claims bonus she is not going to have a chance.

“It is mindless vandalism. On most of the cars they have left heart symbols. The kids seem to think it is a symbol from Jackass or from a band.

“The police have been pretty good. They came round to talk with everyone and dropped off leaflets through doors.”

Avondale Road resident, David Roberts, had his work car and a relative’s Lexus damaged, which could cost £800 to repair.

He said: “They scraped a hole out of it.

“We walked up the road and saw more had been done.

“I was gutted. They are all nice cars in the street.”

House to house enquiries were being carried out by police into the incidents.

Mr Jones said he believes nine or 10 cars were targeted but police say damage to seven vehicles had been reported.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said: “We are appealing for information on this incident and seek to find who has been responsible for these incidents.

“Anyone with information on the incidents should call 101 or 0845 6071002.”