A MAN of 38 went around to the home of a man he alleged had bullied him in school.

Darren Tullett sat outside the man’s house at Brymbo near Wrexham and shouted and swore.

The man was not at home but his wife heard Tullett demanding that he come out of the house.

Tullett, of no fixed abode, admitted a public order offence. Wrexham Magistrates’ Court heard he was not thinking rationally at the time.

Sentence was adjourned and he was bailed in the meantime. Huw Evans, prosecuting, said last month Tullett sat outside the complainant’s house for some time in his vehicle.

He shouted at the house from time to time and used abusive language.

Arrested and interviewed, Tullett said he had an argument with his girlfriend and they had separated.

He was pretty fed up and he drove to Brymbo to find out what the other man had against him.

They had been in school together, he alleged he himself had been subjected to bullying and sat outside his house and shouted abuse.

He agreed that a number of people had seen him in an angry and loud state.

Tullett said he wanted to confront the man but when he saw his wife coming out, he drove away.

Emma Simoes, defending, said her client had mental health problems. He suffered from schizophrenia, was medicated to keep his condition stable and had a support worker from the community mental health team.

That day his emotions had been running very high. He had separated from his girlfriend of 10 years.

It was something the did not want and he had driven back to the Wrexham area from Widnes.

On his return he started to thinking of the time in his childhood which had been a troubled and anxious time for him. “He started to remember a time of his life when he was bullied by the complainant and decided to go to his address and ask him why he had picked on him when he was younger. My client was not thinking rationally,” she said. “He accepts that now.”

It was impulsive action of short duration, no violence was involved, and he left when the complainant’s wife came out.

District Judge Andrew Shaw said it was troubling that Tullett had previous convictions for assault.

He adjourned sentence for a report and said all sentencing options including custody would remain open.