IF CATS have nine lives this kitten has certainly used one of hers.

This cute kitten had a lucky escape when it got itself trapped in the engine of a moving car.

Care worker Jan Hopkins was taking a patient for a drive on Sunday afternoon when she noticed something fall out of the boot of the car in front.

“I thought it was a cardigan at first, but then I saw it was a kitten,” said Jan, from Buckley.

“I did an emergency stop and then heard a thud. I thought I’d killed it.”

Jan, who was driving along the A548 Flint coast road from Connah’s Quay towards Talacre, got out of the car to look for the kitten.

“I looked all around and under the car but there was nothing there,” said Jan.

“I thought I heard a meow but I couldn’t be sure because of the traffic noise.”

Since she could not find the cat, Jan decided to carry on with her journey.

When she reached Talacre, she spotted an AA van so asked the man inside if he could have a look at her Ford Ka to double check the kitten wasn’t there.

“He got a torch and looked around the wheels and then inside the engine, where he found the kitten,” said Jan.

“I’m so glad he helped me otherwise I would have driven back to Connah’s Quay with it in my engine.”

Jan wrapped the kitten up in her coat and drove back to work with it.

She then phoned the RSPCA, who advised her that it sounded as if the kitten had been thrown out of the car on purpose.

“They said it’s unlikely a boot would open and shut itself and that a cat wouldn’t be in a cat carrier,” said Jan.

“I can’t be certain it was kicked out. Maybe the owners will come forward, although it looks like it’s been thrown out.”

Jan has volunteered to look after the cat for the time being, but can’t keep it long term because of her dogs.

She added: “The kitten’s as good as gold. It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

- If you think the kitten is yours or you can give it a home, call reporter Helen Davies on 01352 707758 or email helen.davies@nwn.co.uk.