LOOKING after this new arrival could be a tall order!

But as these latest pictures show, this pure bred Rothschild Giraffe calf – the first ever to be born at Chester Zoo – is settling in well at her new home.

The calf is being cared for by her parents, 12-year-old mother Aoife and nine-year-old father Thorn.

Standing at five-and-a-half feet tall, she has a way to go before she reaches her mother’s height of 15ft.

But she has a special place in the giraffe family, with just under 700 Rothschild Giraffes thought to live in protected areas in Kenya and Uganda.

The subspecies is different from other giraffes, due to the colouring of the coat: distinctive orange-brown patches which are less jagged and sharp in shape.

Rothschilds also have no markings on the lower leg, giving the impression they are wearing white stockings.

They are the only subspecies to be born with five ‘horns’ on top of their heads.

Chester Zoo last celebrated the births of giraffes Molly and Niamh in 2006, and premature Margaret in 2008.

As the Leader reported earlier this week, keepers are now looking for help in naming the new calf.

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