A SON is heartbroken he will have to leave his mother’s council home now she has died.

Royston Wyatt, of Connor Crescent, Wrexham, says he has nowhere else for his young family to live.

And he claims the stress of the situation has been so great that his partner, Lisa Nicholls, gave birth to their daughter Jasmine three weeks early. Jasmine is just a fortnight old.

Mr Wyatt says he suffered the grief of losing his mother Pamela in August aged 55.

She initially broke a hip and from there her condition deteriorated and she contracted pneumonia before she died.

“My mum was the registered tenant of our home in Connor Crescent. I had moved back in there about two years ago and Lisa has been here for around eight months,” he said.

After his mother died Mr Wyatt applied to succeed to the three-bedroom property so he and his family could continue to live there.  However, I have been in contact with the council and they said we are not going to get it.

We have nowhere else to go. This is devastating news.

“We have been fighting the decision and it has caused a great deal of stress. Jasmine was born three weeks early because of all the worry.”

Andy Lewis, Wrexham Council’s chief housing and public protection officer, said the local authority sympathised with Mr Wyatt but it had to obey the relevant national legislation.

“Under the existing rules regarding the succession of a tenancy, Mr Wyatt does not qualify to take over the tenancy of his mother’s property.

“These rules are set by the government and are contained in the Housing Act.

“We do understand this is a difficult time for Mr Wyatt and his family and we do sympathise with his situation.

“We are currently working with him to house him in suitable alternative accommodation.”