A MAN who was badly burned when his house in the Caia Park area of Wrexham caught fire has died in hospital.

Despite heroic attempts by neighbours to save him, 39-year-old Paul Valentine was trapped inside when the blaze swept through his home in Cunningham Avenue on the evening of October 26.

He had been receiving treatment in the specialist burns unit at Whiston Hospital in Liverpool.

A spokeswoman for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said Mr Valentine died there on Sunday morning.

She added that the cause of the fire was still under investigation.

Next-door neighbour, 17-year-old Miley Berry, spotted the fire and quickly rounded up people to make a rescue attempt.

But he and a number of others were beaten back by thick smoke and flames.

Mr Valentine was eventually carried to safety by firefighters before being rushed to hospital.

Yesterday, another neighbour, 23-year-old Becky Wilson, said: “I made a 999 call to the fire brigade on the night and I am very sorry to hear that Mr Valentine has died.

“I didn’t know him well because he kept himself to himself but I did speak to him a number of times.

“I will never forget the night of the fire. I was in the kitchen when I heard someone banging on my back window.

“It was two lads shouting that the house next door was on fire. They asked me if there was anyone in there but I told them I didn’t know.

“I know they tried to get him out but couldn’t reach him because the fire was very bad.”

She added: “The fire brigade was here very quickly and they managed to get the man out.

“I saw them get him outside and put a blanket over him.

“It was horrible and it made me all panicky for a while.”