AIRBUS chiefs are urging airlines to carry out urgent engine checks on all A380 planes.

An engine on one of the superjumbos, which was carrying 440 passengers and 26 crew, exploded in mid-air, blowing a hole in the wing soon after taking off from Singapore’s Changi Airport last Thursday.

The wings for the plane are made at Airbus’s Broughton factory.

A spokesman for the company said: “With aviation safety being of paramount importance to Airbus and following the engine failure of Quantas A380 flight QF32 on November 4, Airbus has issued an ‘All Operators Telex’, asking A380 operators with Rolls-Royce engines for power plant inspections to ensure continuous safe operations of the fleet.”

Airbus says it has also  dispatched a team of specialists to assist with the investigation into the Quantas jet, which was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore.

Quantas bosses have blamed the incident on a material failure or design fault.

Quantas chief executive officer Alan Joyce said: “We believe this is probably most likely a material failure or some type of design issue.

“We don't believe this is related to maintenance in any way.”

There are currently 37 Airbus A380s in operation.

Following the incident Quantas and Singapore Airlines grounded all their A380s while investigations were carried out.

Singapore Airlines has since lifted its flying ban.