CAT killers are on the rampage in Flintshire.

Animal charity bosses are urging pet owners to keep their pets locked up at night following a spate of shootings and poisonings across the county.

In Garden City four cats in one street alone have been found dead.

One distraught owner Kerry Hutchison has been left heartbroken after her beloved
moggy Merly died after being shot close to her home in Sandy Lane.

In Bagillt, Charlene Bonnar is terrified to let her pets out after two of her cats were targeted in less than a month.

Ginger puss Gin came home covered in spray paint, while black cat Motoo was discovered with a noose around his neck.

Antifreeze, snares and air rifles have all been reportedly used to kill the poor creatures.

North Wales Police now fear someone could be setting traps and have launched an investigation.

Councillor Christine Jones, who represents the Garden City area, has fears for the safety of children amid the killing spree.

She said: “What is happening is immoral and the people behind it are clearly not animal lovers. It is very upsetting for the people who have lost cats in this way, particularly for any children.

“People should not be putting poison down on our streets. We have children who play on Sandy Lane who could end up being affected by it and it is a very concerning situation.

“I am also very concerned that somebody has a gun they are using in the area, as again this could put our children at risk.”

Sheila Stewart, who runs Capricorn Animal Rescue in Padeswood, says people who own several cats are prime targets.

She said: “The situation is getting worse. The problem is a lot of people see cats as vermin and a nuisance. They don’t want them coming in their gardens.

“People are taking extreme measures.

“It seems to me that people who own several cats are the ones being targeted the most.”

Despite a police promise to investigate Sheila says it will be near impossible to find those responsible.

“If you leave a tray of anti-freeze out no-one can prove you did it deliberately,” she said.

“And it will be very difficult to catch these people taking potshots from their windows. You need video evidence.

“These people feel justified in what they are doing, because cats are a nuisance and they feel they have a grievance, but it’s a very, very cruel thing to do and the grief it causes is beyond description.”

She is now urging pet owners to keep their animals indoors at night in a bid to protect them from the cat killers.

Capricorn Animal Rescue is currently struggling to cope with the amount of dumped cats.

The centre has more than 30 cats as well as seven litters in foster homes.

“We are being inundated,” she said.

“Cats and kittens are being dumped all over the place. It’s an every day occurrence and it’s getting worse.”

Anyone with information about the cat killings should call North Wales Police on the non-emergency 101 number.