ABOUT 50 people mistakenly attended the cenotaph in Connah’s Quay yesterday expecting to support a Remembrance Day service after road signs showed the incorrect date for the ceremony.

Cllr Bernie Attridge said that on Friday evening a number of local authority signs were put out in Deeside warning of road closures taking place on November 7 due to Remembrance Day.

“When I was told about it at first I thought it was some kind of sick joke taking place,” said Cllr Attridge. “I was inundated with phone calls. I immediately instigated the removal of the signs.”

Despite Cllr Attridge’s quick response in getting the signs removed, in many cases the damage had already been done.

People did attend the cenotaph to pay their respects yesterday.

Cllr Attridge feared that might happen and made the effort to go along to speak to those who were present.

“The crowd was about 50 strong. It included one gentleman who was wearing an Army uniform. I don’t know if he was still in the forces or a former serviceman.
People were so upset. I spoke to them and offered an apology.

“I find it totally unacceptable that this has taken place. Remembrance Day is a very emotional time, especially for those who have lost loved ones serving their country.”

He said he is now seeking an explanation to establish why the error occurred.
Gilbert Butler, the secretary of Deeside Interservices, which represents ex-service associations in the area, said he had been shocked to hear about the mistake.

“It is a massive error and I have had a lot of phone calls from people who are very angry over what has happened,” said Mr Butler.

Alyn and Deeside Assembly Member Carl Sergeant said: “It has wrong footed a lot of people and is a big blunder from the county council. This is a time when we are remembering the courage of service personnel.”

At the time of going to press, Flintshire County Council was unavailable for comment.