THE GLITTERATI used to migrate to Hollywood for a taste of the celebrity lifestyle.

But now they can hop on a bus to Holywell which could get its very own ‘Walk of Fame’.

Ambitious proposals to install a ‘Holywell Boulevard’ in the heart of the town are gathering popularity.

Proposals could see stars and former locals – actor Jonathan Pryce, ex-football star Mike England and musician Osian Ellis – take up residence on the pavement of the town centre.

There are also calls for an iconic ‘Holywell’ sign in the hills overlooking the town.
This is the brainchild of Whitford councillor Chris Dolphin who visited Hollywood two years ago and is eager to create a similar legacy in his home town.

He said: “There is nothing to say we can’t have the same thing here.

“We have Panton Place and Tower Gardens we don’t know why they are called that name. I think this will generate interest in the town and bring the tourists flocking.

"Jonathan Pryce is a Holywell legend now anyway so we would definitely have him in our line-up.”

Cllr Dolphin, who is supported by wife and Greenfield councillor Rosetta, has earmarked Tower Gardens as a possible location for the Walk of Fame.

The idea will be discussed at a Holywell Town Council meeting later this month.

He added: “Holywell town centre is not large and we need to help it along.
“It shouldn’t cost too much money.

The proposals have got the full backing from businesses and townspeople.

Stephen Hughes, chairman of the Flintshire Tourism Association and owner of Peter Hughes Footwear on High Street, said: “I think it’s a great idea.

“Anything that is good for the town would get my full support.”

Town centre manager, Medwyn Roberts, said: “I think it's a wacky idea but I like it.

“I’ve had a list of well-known people with Holywell connections who could be commemorated on my computer and which I have further developed recently at the request of the Holywell Town Partnership.”

Town mayor Peter Curtis added: “I would support feasible and practical ideas which would improve tourism in Holywell.”