RAIL company Wrexham and Shropshire has apologised to customers who will be affected by a cut to its services to London.

The changes, which come into effect on December 12, include two off-peak services each way being combined.

It will see the company moving from four to three services direct to London Marylebone.

Wrexham and Shropshire says after analysing customer travel patterns it has decided that several off peak services are too lightly-used to run profitably.

A statement from the company said: “The decision has been taken to combine the two least used weekday off-peak services and run one less service in each direction per day. Saturday will similarly be reduced from four to three trains in each direction.

“Wrexham and Shropshire receives no subsidy from the government. The provision of services and profitability of the company is based directly on fares received from passengers.”

Managing director Andy Hamilton said: “Our unique position as a local train operator working without subsidy means our viability is directly affected by passenger numbers. We have several trains that are not being used sufficiently to justify continuing to run them.

“We are passionately committed to the Wrexham and Shropshire business running a direct service from Wrexham to London Marylebone.

"The change will not affect travel for over 70 per cent of our passengers and will allow us to focus our resources on growing our business where demand is greatest.

"We know that some customers will be inconvenienced and for that we apologise.

“Our people take immense pride in the customer service that they deliver and they will continue to provide the award winning travel experience that has seen us achieve 99 per cent customer satisfaction.”

The changes are as follows: Wrexham to London Marylebone – the 11.27am and 3.25pm trains will be replaced by a service at 1.28pm arriving in London at 5.30pm.
London Marylebone to Wrexham – the 7.20am and 11.20am trains will be replaced by a service at 9.20am arriving in Wrexham at 1.20pm.

Passengers with concerns or additional queries should contact the customer service team on 0845 260 5200.