A DRUNK kicked off while medical staff were attempting to resuscitate him in the Accident and Emergency unit of Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Jamie Julian Ross Evans, 27, lashed out at staff and was verbally abusive. Police were called and then Evans struggled with an officer.

Evans, said to have been so drunk he could remember nothing about the incident, admitted causing harassment, alarm and distress to consultant Dr Aruni Sen late at night on October 29.

Evans, living in a caravan at Old Wrexham Road, Gresford, also admitted resisting police.

Sentence was adjourned and District Judge Andrew Shaw warned he could go to prison.

Wrexham Magistrates' Court, sitting at Mold, heard Evans had been admitted into the resuscitation ward and appeared unconscious, possibly through alcohol.

As medical staff were trying to help him he began to wake up and was verbally abusive towards them, said Huw Evans, prosecuting.

He began to lash out at them with both arms. His eyes were still closed at the time and he made no contact with them.

Later he was openly abusive and aggressive towards them and again attempted to lash out. He abused the consultant who was treating him and police were called.

An officer tried to restrain Evans who swore, called him names and said he was not going with him.

He was restrained after he got out of bed and tried to make his way out of an exit.

Evans had to be carried into a police vehicle and continued to be abusive in custody.

He refused to co-operate or to be interviewed.

Stephen Warburton, defending, said Evans had been drinking alcohol and he had taken medication for depression.

"He is extremely ashamed and he is sorry not just to the court but to the medical staff and the police called to the scene," said Mr Warburton.

Evans was horrified when details of the case were read to him.

He had mental health problems, had severe depression and the alcohol he was not supposed to take had combined with his medication.