SCORES of Flintshire charities are losing out after a spate of thefts from a charity shop.

Staff at Shotton’s Re-Dressed shop, which raises funds for more than 20 charities and good causes across the county, say they are targeted by thieves at least once a day.

In the latest attack the culprits trashed the window display and made off with bundles of shoes and clothes without paying.

But disheartened staff say the attack is just the latest in a long line of thefts as they are targeted by shoplifters on a daily basis.

They have now installed CCTV cameras to deter thieves and protect their stock.
Store manager Carolyn Jones called it a ‘despicable’ crime.

“I just can’t get my head around it,” she said.

“I would give it to them for free if they had nothing but it is the principle of stealing.

“It’s disheartening because we are so cheap anyway.

“This type of offence is despicable when they are actually taking away clothes that are earmarked for the needy in the community.

“We have now taken steps to prevent this type of incident reoccurring.”

Re-Dressed is part of the Saltney-based Dee-tex project, which sells low-cost second-hand clothing and donates the proceeds to more than 20 local charities and community groups.

It is a non-profit organisation which is run entirely by volunteers.

Carolyn added: “Something goes missing every single day.

“We know because we go to tidy the shop and there are empty hangers everywhere.

“The most popular thing to steal is jeans so we have moved them away from the shop entrance and closer to the till.

“The worst case we had was last week when they stole four pairs of men’s shoes and an entire rack of tops.

“We think one of them distracted staff while another took the stock.”

She added: “I don’t know if they steal because they need the clothes or to sell them on for money, but either way they are desperate.”

Dee-tex managing director Brian McManus added: “There is no need to steal.

“It’s a shame that people are out to get us for pennies.

“We are providing this clothing to the community at affordable prices. If people need these clothes so badly, all they have to do is speak to us nicely and we would give them an outfit for free anyway.”

The enterprise has launched a Freecycle event where you can head to their Saltney factory on River Lane and pick up some clothing for free.

The event is every other Saturday from 9am-3pm. Call 01244 682628 for details.