CHILDREN have been left heartbroken after yobs trashed their play area for the second time in less than two months.

Youngsters at the Ysgol Bodhyfryd playgroup in Hightown are devastated that they can no longer play outside after vandals ripped apart their wooden play equipment.

Parents were horrified to discover the damage when they dropped their children off yesterday morning.

Committee member Kelly Hughes, from Abenbury, whose two-year-old son Jacob Hewitt started at the playgroup in September, said: “We are disgusted with what they have done.

“All the children were there and saw what had happened. They were very upset.

“They loved playing on the equipment.

“They only started in September so it was all new and exciting for them and now it’s been taken away from them.”

A wooden pirate ship worth £600, and a train worth more than £1,000, were both smashed up in the attack.

Both had been paid for with grants.

A storage shed has also been rendered unusable after the yobs repeatedly jumped on it causing the roof to cave in.

It is believed the incident took place over the weekend.

The outdoor play area has now been closed off to the children as the area is strewn with nails from the play equipment.

Ms Hughes, 25, added: “It’s too dangerous for them to play outside because of all the nails that have come out of the wood. The children are going to be very disappointed when they are told they can’t go outside to play.”

Parents managed to salvage the equipment after the first attack in September, but fear it is now beyond repair.

Ms Hughes said: “It’s been completely vandalised this time. I don’t think we will be able to get the pirate ship fixed.”

One parent is now planning to install CCTV in a bid to deter the vandals.

Ms Hughes said the incident was reported to North Wales Police who were due to
visit the site today.