A PENSIONER who lives on a busy main road has pleaded with council chiefs not to install a pedestrian crossing outside her home.

Gwyneth Dudant, of Mold Road, Buckley, said a puffin crossing would prevent her and disabled husband, Pierre, from having access to their home.

Mrs Dudant told a meeting of Buckley Town Council that they would even be forced to move out if plans are pushed through.

She said: “I have a muscle wasting disease and will eventually need a wheelchair.

“My husband has also got serious health issues.

“He never goes out alone and he has no communication skills. He was admitted eight times last year to hospital by ambulance.

“We are registered blue badge holders and have the right to park outside our home. Without it it would be impossible to live there.”

Fighting her corner is former mayor Carol Ellis who said: “I appreciate that we do need a crossing but it doesn’t have to go at this location.

“I want assurances given to this lady that she will be considered in the consultation process.”

Buckley Mountain Cllr Dave Ellis added: “I have lived very close to this area for 23 years and I know exactly how dangerous it is.

“We have got to move quickly before funding runs out.”

But Bistre West Cllr Ron Hampson said: “It is the worst road in Buckley.

“It is difficult to get across and there are lots of young people who try to cross at night.

“I’m not particularly bothered where it goes. Everybody has to give in to the greater needs of the community.”

Bistre West Cllr John Woolley said that not enough people are using pedestrian crossings in the town.

He said: “We have a perfectly good crossing at the top of Daisy Hill Road and it is unused.

“We have children crossing the road 20 feet away from it because they prefer to come out of the shop and cross the road immediately.

“There are no barriers up to encourage people to use it.

“The foot traffic is increasing in that area and is likely to increase more in the next 10 years.”

Mrs Dudant is now calling for bosses to install the crossing elsewhere on Mold Road.

Councillors have requested risk assessments from Flintshire Council for the areas which have been earmarked for the puffin crossing.