A DISABLED woman stricken with arthritis who needs crutches to walk says the condition of her council flat is making her life a complete nightmare.

Wrexham Council says it is taking action to look into issues raised by Joyce Pietrantoni, of Stockwell Grove.

Mrs Pietrantoni says she has complained to the local authority on a number of occasions about the state of the one-bedroomed property.

“It is really terrible,” she said. “The floor tiles in the kitchen are lifting up and I have fallen badly on them twice. The first time I banged my head and ended up with a big lump. On the second occasion I badly bruised my arm.

“I suffer from arthritis all over my body. It is important I am able to move around my own home in safety without fearing I’m going to trip up. I keep telling the council about the problems, but I’m getting sick of it.”

Mrs Pietrantoni was also deeply concerned about the quality of the water supply, saying it regularly contained black slime and smelled foul. As a result she buys bottled water for drinking.

Andy Lewis, chief housing and public protection officer for Wrexham Council, said: “Mrs Pietrantoni’s property has been visited and an inspection of the kitchen floor has been undertaken.

“The floor tiles are not a type used by the repairs service and have started to break up. An appointment has been made with Mrs Pietrantoni for the floor to be re-tiled this week.

“The water utility supplier has been contacted and been requested to test the water supply to the property to establish the cause of the problem with the drinking water.”