LITTLE Ffion Davies is a tough cookie.

The four-year-old from Greenfield is one of 8,000 people across the UK who suffer from cystic fibrosis, a life-limiting condition that is laden with complications.

Nasty coughs and chest infections are a regular thing for this youngster but that hasn’t dented her determination.

Ffion has just become a pupil at Ysgol Gwenffrwd, Holywell, and is relishing the fact she can indulge in her favourite hobby all day long – singing.

Her mum, Annika Thorley, 32, of Basingwerk Avenue, said: “She is really loving school.

“Her favourite subjects are PE because she loves to run and music because she loves to sing, just like her mother.

“She likes Katy Perry and Pixie Lott but her favourite is Alexandra Burke. I have bought her tickets to see Alexandra in concert Rhyl and now every time she comes on the television she gets really excited.

“She also likes to sing Welsh hymns like Dau Gi Bach.

“Ffion gets tired really easily and sometimes struggles with the long days at school. Every morning before we leave I have to give her physiotherapy and we do the exercises together.

“But on the whole she is doing really well.”

Ffion was diagnosed with the disease when she was just four-weeks-old after a heel prick test.

She must take antibiotics twice a day and a host of vitamins to keep her healthy.

Annika added: “She had a food tube fitted in July which feeds her milk every night to keep her nourished. She was off her feet for three or four weeks after that but she has been doing really well since.”

Annika, who is a single parent and also has a healthy three-year-old son Rhys, has fundraised tirelessly for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and has even shaved her head for the charity.

She plans to cook up a storm for her next fundraiser .

“I want to do a sponsored cake bake,” she said.

“It was originally planned for August but with Ffion being in and out of hospital we got waylaid. The trust has supported our family so much so this is just a small way of repaying them.”