A CROWD of 100 people marched through a rainswept Wrexham to protest at government cuts.

Union members and people of all ages met at Queen’s Square at 1pm before marching through the town along Hope Street.

They later took part in a rally and vowed to fight the cuts and even take strike action.

Organiser Steve Ryan, a member of North Wales Against Cuts (NWAC), said: “It wasn’t just people from unions. There were students, people from care homes and other places.

“The government is determined to make ordinary working-class people pay for the recession caused by their friends in big business and the City.

“No-one will be unaffected as the cuts affect social housing, benefits, schools and higher education and jobs in both the private and public sectors.

“They really feel they have to fight back and it could mean industrial action. North Wales Against Cuts believes that we cannot take this lying down.”

During the march through the town the protesters brandished banners reading “No Cuts. Defend Public Sevices”.

They also gave out leaflets and chanted slogans against the government cuts.

Mr Ryan, who is also a member of the Public and Commercial Service Union Wales Committee, added: “It was quite a noisy group and a good turnout considering it was raining.

“People were taking leaflets and standing and watching. It was pretty good.

“These cuts are an unnecessary attack on workers.

“There are other alternatives rather than cutting jobs.

“I think as people are beginning to understand the cuts there is a real anger beginning to show.”

About 30-40 of the marchers then went to The Railway Club for a rally and speeches about the situation.

Mr Ryan, who spoke at the meeting, said afterwards it was one of the most passionate meetings he had ever attended.

“I think the big issue was the sheer anger at the cuts being brought in by people who are millionaires really.

“They are punishing people who don’t have a lot of money.”

Unions attending the event included the University and College Union (UCU), Fire Brigades Union and Unison.

Mr Ryan added that police were not needed to oversee the march.

The campaign is also supporting a similar anti-cuts march in Caernarfon in December and will be organising further protests and demonstrations to support all those facing cuts in services and jobs.

NWAC has set up a Facebook group for all those interested in getting the latest information.

l TRADES unionists also took to the streets of Chester on Saturday to protest at the vernment spending cuts.

About a dozen people from different unions held placards and handed out 1,500 leaflets to the public outside the Town Hall on Northgate Street.

John Torpey, regional organiser for GMB North West, said: “Many people stopped to talk to express a real concern at the depth of the cuts, especially the elderly and disabled.

“There is a real worry amongst people about the difficulties that lie ahead.”