NOT even the agony of having his hand caught in a door could stop young maths prodigy Cameron Thompson taking a high flying exam.

Thirteen-year-old Cameron had been due to sit his Open University Cert Math paper – which is between A-level and degree standard – at Glyndwr University.

But just days before the big test, the unlucky youngster injured his writing hand and had to have it strapped up at Wrexham Maelor Hospital’s accident and emergency department.

As a result, arrangements were made for Cameron to take the exam at home in Acton and dictate his answers to a representative from the Open University.

Afterwards Cameron, a pupil at the Maelor School in Penley, said: “It went well and I am looking forward to getting the results, which will be in December.

“I had cut fingers and bad bruising from the accident to my hand and it hurt. But I still wanted to take the exam.

“Maths is a subject which I have always liked. It is a challenge and I find it stimulating.”

The highly regarded Open University course also includes four assignments.

Cameron has already established an excellent track record in his studies.

At the age of just 11 he achieved A-stars in GCSE maths and additional maths. He went on to take maths at AS and A-level at the age of 12, getting two grade As.

But away from his studies Cameron is just like any other youngster.

His hobbies include karate, playing computer games and watching television, with Doctor Who a particular favourite.

His dad Rod, a computer software specialist, said Cameron “lives for maths” and at times has to be persuaded to put text books down.

Looking to the future, Rod said: “We just want him to be happy in life.”