A COMMUNITY venue is getting ready to celebrate a very special birthday.

The 100th anniversary of the Sychdyn Memorial Hall will be marked on Saturday with a celebratory concert, having become a huge part of the village community near Mold.

Today the venue hosts a variety of groups for all ages.

Eliza Massey, committee member and caretaker, said: “We have been keen to celebrate the anniversary and hope the concert will help do that. A lot of people have used this hall over the years.

“It is an achievement to have stayed open for 100 years. It has been used for all sorts of things. For a long time it was used as a Church in Wales place of worship.

“A few years ago we were in danger of closing, but since then we have seen demand for use of the hall increase a lot.

“I would like to thank everyone for their work in helping us celebrate our centenary.”

Playgroups, the Women’s Institute and pensioner organisations are some of the groups to regularly use the hall, with children’s parties regularly booked the venue.

The celebrations have been given a further boost by the welcome removal of graffiti artwork on the back wall of the building. Last month Mrs Massey told the Leader she feared it would cost more than £500 to remove, but members of the Probation Service have worked to clear it ahead of a repaint and saved the committee from having to find the funds.

Mrs Massey added: “They have done a marvellous job.

“We now want the wall repainted by the time of our centenary concert on October 30.

“It looks a lot better but you can still see traces of graffiti. But we are very grateful for what they have done for us.”

Northop ward Cllr Marion Bateman hailed the contribution of the Probation Service in playing their part in clearing away the graffiti, with their involvement developing after she had contacted Neighbourhood Watch.

She said: “I would like to thank the Probation Service for their efforts in clearing away the graffiti. They have done it very efficiently and very quickly and it is particularly pleasing they have carried out the work free of charge.

“It is a very good service they are providing. If anyone endures a similar experience, I would advise them not to think they will have to necessarily pay a lot of money to resolve the problem.”

The anniversary concert is at 7.30pm on Saturday and will feature the Celtic Notes, Deeside Silver Band and the Llwynegrin Singers.

Tickets cost £5, available from committee members. For details call Eliza on 01352 758146.