VILLAGERS are demanding action to stop speeding on a busy main road after two recent fatal accidents.

Retired garage owner Alf Shoemark said he had no trouble completing the petition from neighbours in Rhosrobin, Wrexham.

They want a 30mph limit on the Llay-Wrexham Road starting at Pandy corner, near the new cemetery, and extending right through Rhosrobin.

The petition was presented to Gwersyllt Community Council which decided to raise the issue with Wrexham Council’s highways department.

It demands 30mph signs from Pandy Corner, regular speed checks by police, traffic calming measures to stop the speeding traffic in and out of the village, improved street lighting in the residential area, a clampdown on car racing and a check on car exhausts.

Councillor Bobby Gray described the speed some vehicles travelled along the road as “horrendous”. He said there had been no changes on the road since it opened in 1938.

Mr Shoemark, who lives on the main road, was at the community council meeting.

He said: “The councillors seemed more concerned about where the 30 mile an hour sign was than the general speeding situation.

“The fact is people are taking their lives in their hands trying to get out on to the main road and it is even worse for pedestrians coming and going from nearby

“The same situation happens with traffic coming from Wrexham and cars roar past the Rhosddu Industrial Estate towards Llay.”

He added: “Not a week goes by when there is not a smash on this stretch of the road. Despite the fatal accidents nothing has been done.

“I collected names on the petition within three days. The residents are simply fed up and look on Rhosrobin as the ‘forgotten village’.”

Mr Shoemark pointed out there were three industrial estates in the vicinity and more than 200 new homes had been built in the village in recent years.

“A lot of villages in the Wrexham area have flashing 30mph signs which are effective, but not Rhosrobin.

“We have got nothing. There is not one swing for all the children who now live here.

“We wonder what we are paying our rates for. We only get our bins emptied.”

Cllr Charles Rigby said there was a similar problem in many areas including Summerhill where vehicles travelled at 80mph.

Yet when speed checks were made, it always came back with traffic travelling at 30mph which he claimed was ridiculous.