A LANDLADY says she may quit after her pub was the target of an armed robbery.

Lynda Leigh, 47, says two female staff members were subjected to the raid by a masked man at the George and Dragon in Flint town centre.

She added a “significant amount” of cash was stolen and damage was caused to the building’s CCTV system by the robber.

He was said to have put a knife to the throat of a barmaid as he struck at the popular Church Street venue in the early hours of Saturday.

Ms Leigh says she has never encountered an incident like this before in 20 years running the pub.

The raid added to her distress as it came less than three days after a funeral wake had been held for her mother, Wilma Thornton, at the venue.

She said: “I’m disgusted by what has happened.

“I had been thinking about finishing anyway but this has made things worse. I don’t think I can stay there after this.

“We had a lot of people in here after the funeral. I think whoever did this must have known about it and known there was money in the safe.

“I was most concerned about my mother’s jewellery, which is of personal value to me and was thankfully not stolen.”

The two barmaids, who have not been named but are said to be in their mid-20s, were waiting for a taxi shortly before 1am when they heard a knock on the door, which they believed to be the taxi driver.

When they opened it, they encountered the masked man who allegedly grabbed one of the women by her hair and held a knife to her throat.

He was said to have forced her to hand over the takings for the past two nights from the safe while her colleague watched in horror. The man then vandalised the venue’s CCTV system.

Ms Leigh added: “The girls are obviously shocked by the incident but say they want to carry on working here. I admire them for that.”

They have described the man as being about 5ft 9in tall, of stocky build and wearing a balaclava.

Ms Leigh is now offering a £200 reward to anyone who can provide information on who was behind the robbery.

It will go to the first person to provide the name to her at the pub, to help her assist police with their inquiries, which will be paid when the robber is convicted.

A spokesman for North Wales Police confirmed the incident had been reported to them and they were currently investigating.