RAIDERS smashed their way in through the roof of a Wrexham newsagents and fled with the contents of the shop’s cash machine.

The Martin’s store on Borras Park Road was targeted over the weekend but it is not yet known how much cash was taken in the raid.

Deputy manager Alan Williams believes a powerful angle-grinder was used to cut their way in to the cashpoint.

Alan discovered the raid when he came in to start work just after 6am on Sunday.

He said: “I knew as soon as I arrived that something was wrong, there was a strong smell of burning.”

He said he believes an angle grinder had been used to cut a hole into the ATM.

Extensive damage had also been caused in the shop.

The raiders had moved a freezer which was near to the cash machine and all the contents inside had melted.

The burglars also used sticky fizzy drinks to cool down the cutting process.

Mr Williams added: “It was a horrible mess, but I was determined to keep serving the customers.

“They could hardly believe what had happened.

“It was really busy, we had the police and forensic people here as well.

“It happened sometime over Saturday night and early Sunday morning. I had locked up at around 6pm on Saturday.”

After he had finished his shift on Sunday, Mr Williams stayed behind for hours to clean up the mess which the burglars had left behind. A spokesman for North Wales Police said: “We received a call to Martin’s newsagents at 6.21am on Sunday.

“It was reported that intruders had entered the shop overnight.

“The cash machine was broken into but there are no details on how much was stolen. We understand that raiders broke in through the roof.

“We are currently investigating and anyone with information is asked to contact us by dialling 101.”

Regular customer Sharon Stocker, of Little Acton, said: “I’m fuming about this. It is terrible to target the shop, which does such a good job in serving the community. I regularly use the cashpoint and so do many other people, it is very popular. There are a lot of pensioners in the area and the shop is convenient for them.”