NEIL YOUNG today threatened to wield the axe in reponse to his side’s disappointing home draw against second-bottom Leigh Genesis.

The Chester boss admitted some of his players would be replaced after ‘hiding’ in the 1-1 draw against Leigh who had Rick Gleaves clinch an equaliser two minutes into stoppage time after Carl Ruffer had headed the Blues in front.

He said: “It should have been game over well before Leigh got their equaliser in stoppage time.

“I’m very disappointed and this is probably the most disappointed I’ve been while I’ve been involved in football if I’m totally honest.

“Too many players out there didn’t do enough and it seems to be an ongoing trend with certain individuals.

“We haven’t been great, but we were winning the game 1-0, and we looked better than we did against Prescot Cables earlier in the season in terms of creating opportunities, but the final ball wasn’t up to much.

“Once we scored for some reason we started to drop deep and allowed Leigh back into the game which led to their bizarre goal after the ball deflected into the path of their lad who scored unmarked six yards from goal.

“I told the players that the most disappointing thing from my point of view was that not enough of them put enough effort into the game.

“Some of our lads went hiding and I’m not exaggerating when I say that some of them will have to be replaced.

“I’m not going over the top in any way because this is my job, but they can go and find another team tomorrow.

“I’m not prepared to put my neck on the line because of those sort of performances.

“Ultimately the buck stops with me and I’ll be rightly the one that is getting criticised because I select the team that goes onto the pitch, but if I’m going to take the criticism then I’m going to take the criticism for the right reasons.

“My sides have never ever lacked effort, but certain individuals lacked effort against Leigh.

“We’ve got to work harder to create easier chances in front of goal, but taking away all the football and the results, it’s all about individuals performances and what I saw against Leigh I couldn’t bear.

“I’ll take anyone having a bad game, but what I won’t have is people going hiding when I need them.

“When Leigh won a free kick after we had gone 1-0 up, we were still trying to get back and defend the free kick.

“We were still trying to get back and defend when the ball hit the back of our net which is not good enough.

“We worked in training on more positive things, but we’ve played with wingers, we’ve worked on pushing on full backs, and I feel I can’t do more in terms of making us more of an attacking outfit, but maybe some of the players aren’t good enough.

“The fans come here and pay good money to watch the team, but our last two league performances haven’t been good enough and I’ll now be doing everything I can to put that right.”