RESIDENTS at a Wrexham care home have been transported back to their childhoods thanks to the town’s museum.

Karen Teasdale took along some toys of yesteryear from the museum to Pendine Park’s Highfield Unit and told residents all about them.

According to Karen, some of the museum’s toy exhibits are so old they may have been at one time the cherished possessions of the oldest residents’ grandparents.

The event was organised by Pendine Park activities manager Gerry Humphreys.

She said: “Some of our older residents were talking about the sort of toys they played with when they were small children, so I invited Karen along to give a talk and to show some of the toys and games held as exhibits by the museum.

“It has certainly brought some fond memories flooding back for some residents who were enthralled by Karen’s talk as well as being allowed to handle and even play with the toys.

“Children today play with computers and electronic games so it was great to see old spinning tops, tiddlywinks and puppets, toys and games that were really common back then.”

Resident Paul Williams, 57, found the talk fascinating.

He said: “I have been here for four years now after suffering a severe stroke that left me more or less paralysed down my left side.

“I really enjoy living here and it is without doubt the best home I have been in.

“There is always something going on such as the talk about toys and games today.

“I really enjoyed it and, although I don’t remember some of the toys, it was still really interesting.”

Another resident, Dorothy Jones, said: “I remember playing with some of the toys when I was a little girl.

“I liked the puppet that you could pull on the string and his arms and legs went up. I remember that from when I was little.”