WHEN 18-month-old Eve Chadwick was born with undiagnosed Down’s Syndrome her parents felt like the world had stopped turning.

But thanks to their determination and a little support the future is now looking bright for their happy daughter.

Eve’s parents Nick and Pam, of Pentre Halkyn, were helped through those first difficult days by North Wales Chrysalis Trust, a charity which helps scores of families deal with bereavement or the news their child has a serious health condition.

Nick, 36, an engineer at Dailycer in Deeside, has now said thank you by raising more than £2,600 by running the London Marathon.

He said: “We were strong enough to go through what we did as a family. When you find out that your child has a condition the only people you speak to are doctors and nurses and it is all very medical, but the charity puts a very different spin on it.

“When something like this happens you think your world has stopped, but like Pam says ‘the charity makes you realise it hasn’t stopped, it’s just spinning in a different way’.”

Now Eve is making friends at day nursery and Nick and Pam, along with daughter Millie, six, are looking to the future.

“Eve is doing brilliantly,” said Nick.

“We don’t treat her any differently. She goes to day nursery with the other kids and she is fantastic. The outlook is positive.

“We can’t imagine things being any different but when she was born we were in a daze and wondered how we would cope.

“To have a service like Chrysalis is fantastic as you know there is always someone there for you to lean on and help find some of the answers you are looking for.”

Nick finished the marathon in three hours and 49 minutes and has already signed up for next year.

He said: “The marathon was fantastic. It is our way to help the charity. When you watch it on the television you don’t get an idea of the atmosphere. It is electric from start to finish.

“It was overwhelming to see people with t-shirts running for loved ones or charities.”

The family said they wanted to thank everyone who donated, especially friends and work colleagues and Pam’s co-workers at Exova in Runcorn.

Jane Gibbins, manager of North Wales Chrysalis Trust, said: “On behalf of the Chrysalis’ families we congratulate and sincerely thank Nick for his wonderful fundraising efforts and thank everyone who pledged their support.”