A DISABLED pensioner says he has been waiting a decade for a new kitchen in his council owned house.

Eddie Watton, 70, is angry with the state of the kitchen in his Holywell home and has reported it to the environmental health department at Flintshire Council.

He said: “I’ve been waiting ten years for my kitchen, meanwhile the council have been putting new kitchens in to empty houses on the street.

“The doors are falling off and they’re full of woodlice. I have carers to my home three times a day and they say it's a disgrace.

“The doors fall off and my carers put them back on but they just fall off again, it’s a right state.”

Clare Budden, head of housing at Flintshire Council, said: “Mr Wooton's property is included in this year's kitchen replacement programme and kitchen layouts and colour choices have been agreed with all tenants whose properties are scheduled for a replacement kitchen.

She added: “Tenants will be contacted again to arrange a suitable date for the installation of the kitchens.

“We recognise that Mr Wooton has been waiting too long for this improvement work to his property and do apologise for the inconvenience and concern that the situation has caused him.”

A spokesman for Flintshire County Council added an environmental health officer visited the property and was satisfied the scheduled work to the property would address the concerns of the tenant.