A HALLOWEEN-themed shop window display has sparked a flurry of complaints – for being too scary.

Staff at the Party Shop in Mold spent hours adorning the window in High Street with hanging heads, witches cauldrons, a killer chef and bloody body parts, but their efforts have led to a backlash from some members of the public.

Shop owner Helen Perry said: “People have said it’s not appropriate to walk past and that children will be scared, but it’s the kids who have been giggling at it.

“It’s no more scary than it usually is and it’s for Halloween – that’s what people want.”

Helen has had about six complaints from concerned passers-by since she set up the display at the beginning of the month.

“I’ve just been telling people that it’s only for a couple of weeks until Halloween,” she said.

“When I ask them what they don’t like about it they can’t specify anything apart from the fact that they don’t think it’s appropriate.

“One man said to me that he wouldn’t want his grandchildren to see it, but the kids love it.

“More children are frightened of Father Christmas than of Halloween and I have more kids crying when I put Father Christmas out than anything else.”

In the past Helen has received awards for her impressive window displays.

She added: “I do it for the entertainment of the public. I follow everything that’s going on in the town – people love it.

“It always takes me a bit longer to do the Halloween display, but I always make an effort with all my windows.”

Mold town mayor and county councillor Chris Bithell is astounded at the negative response.

“It’s the time of year when people indulge in this kind of tradition and yes it’s scary, but kids can cope with that,” he said.

“They like scary.

“We are trying to encourage trade in the town and Helen always does her best with her displays.

“She’s very dedicated and I can see no harm in what she’s done this year. It’s just a bit of fun.”

Helen opened the Party Shop 10 years ago and sells everything from fancy dress outfits to balloons and party accessories.

She is no stranger to controversy and two years ago launched a petition to save Halloween Harry – a terrifying life-size zombie that stands outside the shop during Halloween.

Some members of the public complained that Harry was scaring little children, but after a campaign in the Leader Harry was spared the axe.

Sadly Harry is out of action after a mindless yob knocked him over and broke him earlier this week.

“It’s such a shame because people come in especially to see Harry,” Helen said.

She has now launched a petition to save the Halloween display.

She added: “We only started it yesterday, but we have about 30 signatures already.”

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