HUNDREDS came to celebrate the life of young Katie Wright during an emotional service last night.

Friends and teachers gathered at St Mary’s Cathedral in Wrexham to remember the life of a “beautiful angel”, who died in hospital a week ago.

Katie became unwell while travelling on a bus along Dean Road, close to her home in Borras Park.

There were tears and laughter during the service with Father Chris Howard describing the week since her death as being filled with “pain, sorrow and anguish”.

Some wore the uniform of Katie’s former school, St Joseph’s High School, while others wore casual dress.

And after the service the night sky was filled with lanterns, some adorned with messages of love to Katie, 16, who was studying for AS levels at Yale College in Wrexham.

During the service organised by Father Howard prayers were said for Katie and her family.

He said: “You have not lost Katie. She will be part of you for as long as you live. As long as you remember her, she will still be in the world.

“Tonight we thank God for a beautiful angel. I believe each and every one of us met an angel in Katie. She will be up there laughing her socks off that she got you all to come to church on a Monday evening.

“Katie was taken away before she could do any wrong.”

A picture sideshow set to some of Katie’s favourite songs drew laughter from the congregation, but many shed tears as they left the service to let off lanterns in her memory.

A large picture of Katie, made up of 3,000 small images of her, stood at the front of the church. A special Mass was conducted by Father Howard, who in a prayer said: “We remember her family and all those who miss her and we ask you to bless their lives.”

Former teachers and governors from St Joseph’s, along with head Maria Rimmer, attended – as did representatives from Yale College and Chester Catholic High School, where a number of Katie’s year group are students.

Hymns were sang during the service, some lead by acoustic guitar.

Katie’s funeral will take place at St Giles’ Church in Wrexham at 12.30pm on Monday.