ALIENS landed in Bwlchgwyn – or did they?

Whether or not little green men touched down at the village school was the subject of a thorough investigation by pupils and police experts. However, at the end of the day the evidence for an unearthly invasion was inconclusive.

The alien alert at the junior school was dreamed up by newly-qualified teacher Samantha Jackson as a way of firing pupils’ enthusiasm for National Book Week.

And, according to head teacher Sue Williams, that is exactly what it did.

She said: “The scenario was that we were all having morning assembly in the hall when suddenly one of the staff dashed in to say that what appeared to be a spaceship had landed in the playground.

“We all went outside and there was indeed something that looked like that lying in the yard.

“The local police were absolutely magnificent and school liaison officer PC Yvette Jackson, Sgt Mark Williams, a governor and a parent, and local PCSO Daniel Bowden, arranged for an authentic police response.

“The spaceship was cordoned off with police tape and a forensic officer in her white suit came along to carry out a full investigation.

“All 100 of our children played their part, with the older children taking the roll of journalists doing a report on the incident and the younger ones getting involved in the scientific investigation.

“The children had to consider whether there had been an alien landing or if it was all just a prank.

“Word came back from the police that the evidence was inconclusive, so the children reached the verdict that we would never know for sure what it was.

“It was certainly a wonderful day.”