A QUIRKY steel sculpture steeped in history is to be given a new home.

The ‘steel man’ sculpture, known formally as the Giant of Hawarden Bridge, represents a steelworker at the old John Summers and Sons site, which employed about 13,000 people from around the region at its peak.

The 12-foot sculpture was moved to a roundabout at County Hall in Mold several years ago, when the former Alyn and Deeside Council offices in Ewloe closed. But Shotton Town Council has won a campaign to bring it home to Deeside.

This week town councillors deliberated on where to put the sculpture.

Cllr Elwyn Jones said the memorial garden on Jubilee Street, which honours First World War soldier Harry Weale, would be the perfect spot.

He told the meeting: “It’s the ideal place because it’s safe and is protected by CCTV cameras. It would enhance the look of Shotton.”

But Cllr Gary Cooper thought the garden was inappropriate, adding: “The garden is there to honour Harry Weale and not the Steelworks.”

Members voted to base the sculpture at the top of Ash Grove on the entrance to the town.

Cllr David Evans said: “It needs to go in an area where people can’t hang off it and cause damage.

“The garden in the corner of Ash Grove car park has a wall around it and a bed of plants and in the centre would be the steel man.

“We are creating little spots that enhance the town. Now we will have the memorial garden, the steel man and the new Wetherspoon’s pub.”