CHILDREN, parents and teachers have joined forces to demand the speed limit outside a village primary school is slashed.

Fears a child could be injured outside Brynford Primary School, near Holywell, have led campaigners to submit a 400-name petition to Flintshire Council asking for a cut in the 40mph limit.

The massive response to the campaign has been welcomed with parents from the surrounding areas lending their support for a cut in the limit.

Headteacher Nia Goldsmith said: “When children are arriving and going home it is very busy and it is very dangerous for the children.

“We would like the speed limit reduced to 30mph or possibly 20mph.

“The governors are fully supportive and so is the community council and parents.
The limit is too fast – it is quite a straight road and people put their foot down.

“Something needs to be done before someone is injured. It is only a matter of time. These things do happen and speed is the major factor.”

Brynford county councillor Matt Wright said he had been campaigning for four years to get the limit reduced and was hopeful the petition would be successful.

He said: “It is clearly worrying. The fear is that a child could be injured on their way to or from school. If we can get the limit down to 30mph we can then look at an advisery limit of 20mph.

“We had a huge response, pretty much the whole village and surrounding villages took part.

“One of the difficulties has been the legislation which has not been working in favour of the council. We have taken a firm decision that something is to be done.”