CONTAMINATED needles have been found amongst rubbish strewn in a residential area.

Locals say hazardous waste including syringes, glass and dog mess is regularly found in King Edward Street and the surrounding roads in Shotton.

Resident Elwyn Jones, of Beaconsfield Road, regularly walks along the route where the waste is dumped.

He said: “There is broken glass and syringes there, which carries dangers. I believe Flintshire County Council has the duty of care on this issue and need to take responsibility for it.

“I know this has upset residents and it needs to be sorted.”

Locals say the area is being used by drug users.

Mr Jones regularly reports the syringes to Flintshire Council and they are promptly removed.

Andy Macbeth, Flintshire’s environmental services manager, said: “The issue of waste in this area is a continual source of concern and letters have been sent to all residents in the area to request that waste is placed out either the night before collection or by 7.30am on the day of collection.

“The council is seeking legal guidance about the ability to fine those residents who persist in dumping waste. Due to access difficulties in this locality council workers collect and stack waste from the rear of properties and bring it to a pick up point on the day of collection, which is normally a Monday.”

Mr Macbeth added that after Mr Jones reported seeing the syringes on Monday, September 27, they were collected within 15 minutes.

Cllr Klaus Armstrong-Braun, of Saltney Mold Junction on Flintshire County Council, regularly walks along the streets and is urging the authority to make sure the situation does not worsen.

He said: “This is a mess in more ways than one. It is both foul and vile.

“There are syringes that carry obvious health risks and dog mess as well. This is
very dangerous for children.”