A COMMUNITY council is desperate to stop vandalism at a cemetery.

During the past few months rubbish has been dumped in skips at Rhos Cemetery on Stryt Las and twice the skips have been set alight.

Because of this Rhos Community Council clerk Wendy Owens is worried arsonists will set fire to items on the skips.

One of the skips is next to a small building called the cabin and Wendy fears a fire could easily spread from the skips to the building.

Rubbish dumped in the past has included televisions, beds, household rubbish and a fridge.

Wendy said that not only does it cost money to dispose of items like fridges and televisions properly, but it also means the skips have to be emptied more often.

“This is passed onto the rate payer through the community council rates,” she said.

“We need to reduce the amount of rubbish being dumped in the skips and appeal to any of the public who could give staff information.”

The council has tried to stop the rubbish being tipped by having one of the skips locked up but people still dump their rubbish next to it.

Of the three skips at the site one is for rubble and two are for garden waste.

The council has also acquired new fireproof metal bins for rubbish and have has obtained advice from the fire service’s arson reduction team.

Local police also held a clean up day at the cemetery.

“We just want to stop the vandalism,” added Wendy.

“We don’t want people to dump rubbish on roadways but there are proper places to go to get rid of rubbish.”

If you have any information you can call 01978 840007.