BRAINY mum Nicola Phillips triumphed in one of Britain’s top quiz shows – and then kept her achievement under wraps for six months.

Viewers of BBC show The Weakest Link this week saw Nicola, of Borough Grove, Flint, give a near faultless performance to claim more than £2,000 in prize money.

The 47-year-old recorded the programme in Glasgow in March but her victory did not become public knowledge until the episode was broadcast.

Nicola, who watched it with her children Kate, 12, and Oliver, 10, said: “I was under strict instruction to keep my victory quiet and I’ve managed to do that.

“My children were very excited when they watched me winning on the show. I wanted to show them I was going out of my comfort zone and encourage them to not be put off doing things because they are nervous.

“I’m so pleased I did it.”

Nicola, who has just ended a long stint as a Sunday school teacher at St Mary’s Church, Flint, answered well throughout the show.

She remained out of the firing line when it came to voting off opponents and was frequently ‘the strongest link’ – the player who performs best in individual rounds.

Nicola answered all her questions correctly in the final head-to-head to enjoy a 4-1 victory over her male opponent and scoop the £2,280 cash prize.

The carer and housewife added: “The money is welcome and helps me with looking after my family. But I’m not looking at this stage to do any more television quizzes such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

“I’ve previously only really done church quizzes. I guess I’m a bit like a sponge and absorb things.”

By progressing to the final stages, Nicola enjoyed the privilege of getting to properly meet the famously disciplinarian quizmaster, Anne Robinson.

“Once we got to the final two she had a chat with us,” said Nicola. “It was like a mask coming off – she was not that scary person anymore.

“She told us we had been absolutely stupendous.”