WREXHAM must show ambition if it is to prosper, says the town’s MP Ian Lucas.

And he has criticised those who oppose a bid for city status.

Mr Lucas said: “In difficult economic times, we must secure any advantage we can to bring quality jobs to Wrexham.

“We have an English city just across the border and we need a Welsh city in North Wales to compete.

“I simply cannot understand those in Wrexham who are determined to hold us back – including some indecisive councillors.”

Mr Lucas said research by the House of Commons library into council tax rises among those towns and cities who pursued city status in 2002 suggest gaining the accolade has little link to council tax rises.

He added: “I asked the Commons library for figures about council tax rises in areas which applied for city status last time.

“Those figures did not appear to show a link between city status and council tax rises.

“Some places which were not made cities rose sharply and some places which were made cities had smaller rises.

“It is an important part of my job to promote Wrexham. Securing a university helped.
“I know that city status would also benefit Wrexham.

“Wrexham has a growing reputation and impresses visitors.

“I believe that city status would help us develop that reputation further.

“I also think it would be good for our local economy.  I know there are different views on this issue, and I am fully aware that it will be down to the council, rather than for me as MP, to make any application.

“I genuinely believe we should seize this opportunity – but if we are to do so, we must stop dilly-dallying. If Wrexham itself does not believe it is good enough to be a city, how can we expect others to?”

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