A COACH load of visitors to Wrexham badly needed to spend a penny on their arrival in the town.

But they were shocked to discover there were no public toilets available

Cllr Anne Hett told Offa Community Council a coach had arrived in King Street recently and passengers who wanted to use the toilet had to go to a nearby garage.

County councillor Phil Wynn described it as “a pity” when members were told Wrexham Council had stated it would cost £10,000 a year to open three town centre toilets – Waterworld car park, Brook Street and Henblas Street (ladies only) on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

That price did not include the King Street bus station toilets which is owned by bus company Arriva and was closed on Sundays

Offa Council clerk Karen Benfield said if all 34 community councils in the county borough contributed it would cost each council £297 each, and it the four local town councils – Offa, Acton, Rhosddu and Caia Park – had to pay it would cost each council £2,500 a year.

Mrs Benfield said some community councils looked after toilets in their own villages it would be unlikely that they would wish to become involved.

County councillor Alun Jenkins said Offa Council had to be very careful what it might be taking on financially. He said the Wrexham authority was passing more and more things down to community councils and Offa had already spent a lot of money improving various facilities for the community.

Rhosddu Community Council had recently suggested the cost of opening the lavatories should be shared as more people living outside the town area would be more likely to use town centre public toilets.

Mrs Benfield said the issue was expected to be discussed in the near future at a Town Forum which would be attended by representatives of community councils and Wrexham Council officials.

Offa councillors decided to leave a decision until after that meeting.