THIS is the gruesome spectacle that greeted scores of motorists as they headed through a moorland beauty spot.

An appalled passer-by took pictures of a dead sheep which had been hung over a road sign at the Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen.

reader Peter Jenkins said: “I had been to Oswestry and was coming back over the Horseshoe Pass towards Ruthin when I was almost halted in my tracks by this appalling sight just after the Ponderosa Cafe.

“It’s disgusting. I can only think that some sad person maybe knocked over the poor animal and thought it was a laugh to dangle the corpse over the sign.

“I can’t think of any rational reason why someone should do this.

“I only hope the animal was dead when this was done.

“This upsetting sight was in full view of drivers and families, including youngsters, going over the Pass.

“I live in Llandyrnog near Denbigh but had travelled down to Oswestry earlier today via Wrexham, so didn’t go over the Horseshoe Pass on the way down.”

Gethin Jones of the RSPCA slammed the person responsible for the sheep’s treatment, which was spotted by Mr Jenkins on Tuesday.

He said: “Road traffic accidents involving animals are not uncommon, but to display a dead sheep in this manner is totally unacceptable.

“Not only is it gruesome, it also belittles the tragedy to befall this animal.

“This creature should have been moved to the side of the road beyond the public gaze and not displayed as some kind of trophy.”

The sheep belonged to the flock of Maes-y-Llyn Farm at Llantisillio.

Farmer’s wife Gwen Edwards said: “Killing the sheep is bad enough but to then hang its body on a road sign is very sick.

“We know our sheep are killed by cars up on the Horseshoe but at least whoever did it could have moved its body to the roadside or come to the farm and told us about it.”

Mrs Edwards, who has farmed on the Pass for 31 years, added: “Years ago the farmers wanted the council to fence off the mountain so the sheep could graze safely but nothing ever came of it.”

She estimated the cost of the dead sheep was about £80.