MINDLESS vandals left a trail of destruction at a Flintshire primary school.

Hundreds of pounds worth of damage was caused to a play area of Lixwm Primary School, near Holywell.

Yobs wrenched a gate off its hinges, smashed windows on a wendy house and tore down newly-planted willow trees.

A bike shed was also destroyed and a butterfly house stolen in separate incidents on September 1 and 4.

A statement from pupils published in their weekly newsletter read: “We are very angry and sad because the quiet area was a nice place to see nature and to chat.

“We hope who ever did this should feel very guilty.”

Headteacher Catherine Howarth said police are getting closer to catching the culprits.

She told the Leader: “If it was just old pupils who wanted to get back at a teacher, then they are silly because they are hurting the children as well.

“The children have really suffered. The quiet area is a place for them to get away from the shouting on the playground and have some thinking time.

“There are lots of lovely trees and plants there. It was only completed in April this year so this has come as a blow to us.

“The children say it must have been someone really big and strong to have done that much damage.

“We are shocked and saddened that something like this could happen in a small village school.”

Forensic officers from North Wales Police have taken fingerprints and red clothing fibres from the scene.

The school will have to fork out up to £200 of its own money to repair the damage.

Call the school on 01352 780455 or the non-emergency police number on 101 if you have any information.