AN ASTRONOMER has been left baffled by seven bright orange lights flying across the night sky.

At about 9.45pm on Saturday Mark Young, who is studying towards an Open University degree in astronomy, spotted two orange orbs in the sky.

Mark, of Bersham Road, Bersham, said: “My wife said ‘oh my god Mark look at that.’

“We saw two lights moving from the South East to the East.

“They were a very strange colour-like bright white in the centre with orange and then red around the outside.

“There was no noise and they were travelling probably about 500mph.

“They weren’t aircraft.”

Mark, who is now retired but has a keen interest in astronomy said he has seen asteroids, planets and moons before but nothing like this.

Mark and wife Pauline then witnessed a further five similar orange lights moving across the sky.

He said he was sure the objects were not chinese lanterns because of the speed they were travelling and the intensity of the colour.

He said: “If they were chinese lanterns then I’m the Pope.”

Altogether the lights were seen over a period of about 15 minutes and they were moving in the same direction.

He managed to capture one of the lights on camera but the image does show camera shake.

“The lights must have had a very high KV rating to burn such a trail onto the digital imaging sensors in my camera,” he added.

“I haven’t a clue what they could have been.

“I reckon they were about three miles away and maybe 10-20 ft in size.”

So could the lights have been visitors from another planet?

Mark’s said he wasn’t sure but added: “Considering there’s 200 billion stars in our galaxy the odds are that there is life out there. I would put money on it.”

Did you see the lights in the sky on Saturday night?

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