A FAMILY has been left devastated by a ‘disgusting’ air rifle attack on their much-loved pet cat.

Now 18-month-old Tiddles has been left blind in one eye after he was shot in the face at close range and despite more than £750 in vets bills may not regain his sight.

Simon Price, of Llanfynydd, said the whole family had been left shocked and had feared the worst when they found 18-month-old Tiddles slumped over and bleeding from the head.

“It is disgusting,” he said. “He has had surgery and X-rays all because someone shot him. I think you can tell the difference between a rabbit and a cat even in the dark.

“My main concern, apart from Tiddles, is the fact that anybody could be walking around and once you pull the trigger it does not stop until it hits something.”

Police are appealing for information after the shooting which took place between 6.30pm and 11.30pm on Thursday, September 2, in a secluded area off Tir y Fron Lane in the village.

Despite his injuries Tiddles is recovering well and since he had his patch removed is doing much better.

Simon said: “He is coming along much better. He was very quiet and he looked very sad. I though he had been involved in a collision. Other people I have spoken to are disgusted. It has caused a lot of distress.

“I would like to thank Castle Veterinary Clinic, Caergwrle, they did a good job. I was expecting to hear the worst and that there would have been nothing they could do for him.

“I think someone in the area is going to know who did it. They might have boasted about it to somebody and I hope they are as disgusted about it as the other people I’ve spoken to are.”

Inspector Martin Best said: “This is obviously a particularly cruel and nasty incident and I would urge anyone who might know anything about it to contact us.”

Anyone with information should contact PC 2239 Darren Jones on 08456071002 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

- IN HOLYWELL Sophie the cat was shot in the face in what was describe as a “horrific and callous” attack.

Her owners Franceene Hughes and Tim Dykes were left shocked and disgusted after they found her covered in blood in their garden on July 27.

Franceene said: “She was bleeding from her eyes, her nose and her ears. She is lucky to be alive.”