A DEVASTATED family are coming to terms with the death of both of their pet cats.

They died after separate incidents of suspected poisoning weeks apart.

Mandy Williams, of Tudor Avenue, Flint, had her first cat put down on August 16 and the second on September 2.

She has since heard that another cat on her street was put down last week and several others in Flint have died too.

“It’s been terrible. The cats were very lethargic and couldn’t stand on their back legs,” she said. “The vets said looking at the rapid deterioration it looks like poisoning.

“We were all very upset to see them like that.”

Zoe Owen, a vet at Caerwys Veterinary Surgery where the cats were taken, told the Leader anti-freeze was the most probable cause of their deaths.

“It causes acute kidney failure and there’s very little you can do for the cat,” she said.

Mandy wanted to have a post-mortem examination carried out on cats Tia and Jack to find out more about the deaths but the single mum could not afford the extra cost.

“I’ve been told three others have been killed in Fourth Avenue and nine in Cornist Lane,” she added.

“My neighbour came round and said their cat has had a suspected poisoning too.
They’d been away on holiday and came home to find their cat was ill and had to have it put to sleep.

“I’m worried small dogs and children will be poisoned too.

“There are no problems around here in terms of neighbourhood disputes so there’s no reason why they should have been poisoned.”

Mrs Owen said that she has seen more poisoned cats from Flint in her time as a vet than anywhere else.

She said: “Flint is a hot spot for poisoning. There’s tension between pigeon racers and cat owners and there’s hearsay that people may be putting down antifreeze as poison but it’s very difficult to prove whether it’s deliberate or not.”

The cats, both just over a year old, were family pets and Mandy says her daughters, Aston, 15, and Deanna, 14, are “devastated” about their deaths.

The girls’ grandfather, Eifion Williams, told the Leader: “We need to get it out that this has happened because there are other pets in the area.

“The big concern is it will affect children”

Flint Castle councillor Ian Roberts said: “I know about the Tudor Avenue cats and I have heard there have also been other incidents in Flint.

“I would urge anyone who has any information to contact the police.”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA told the Leader: “This incident was reported to us and we are looking into it.

“We do not have any more information about this incident at the moment but the RSPCA is always very concerned to hear of any suspicions about poisoning and takes complaints of this kind seriously.”

If anyone suspects their cat has been poisoned intentionally they should contact the police and the RSPCA.