IT WAS a crash that left a car embedded in the wall of a pub toilet yet – remarkably – nobody was injured.

Now the driver of the car has re-lived the moment his car ploughed into the Gredington Arms.

Daniel Lloyd, 18, of Rossett, says the accident happened after he had to move out of the way of a car that was over the line in the centre of the road travelling in the opposite direction.

Daniel, who was transporting four girls as he headed along Holt Road, Wrexham shortly after 8pm, insists he was below the 60mph speed limit when the incident occurred on the narrow stretch of road and suddenly found himself skidding towards the pub.

He said: “I’m not a boy racer. I was driving at 55mph when I suddenly saw a car travelling in the opposite direction was over the white line. I tried to swerve but as I did so the back end started sliding away from me.

“All I can recall of the other car is its headlights. I can still see us heading towards the wall and hearing screaming from the girls in the back. I feared we’d hit a lamp-post and that would have been disastrous if we had.

“Thankfully I was conscious as I hit the wall and my first thought was to check the other passengers were alright. I grabbed all of them to make sure they were okay and thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. I remember going to open my door and realising there was no floor beneath us.”

After being helped from the scene, all five members of the party went to Maelor Hospital.

Daniel suffered whiplash and back pain in the accident on Saturday, September 4, while the passenger in the front seat of his SEAT Leon vehicle sustained muscle damage in her leg and arm.

Of the three back-seat passengers, one sustained two broken ribs and whiplash, another broke her wrist and the third suffered whiplash. None of the four females have been named.

Since the crash, Daniel admits to being haunted by the incident.

He added: “I’ve been suffering nightmares about what happened. I don’t even like travelling as a passenger at the moment.”

The mother of one of the passengers, who asked not to be named, praised Mr Lloyd for his conduct.

She said: “Daniel did everything he could to make sure they were all safe and he worked to get them out of the car. It is pleasing his first concern was for his passengers.”

The vehicle was trapped in the pub toilets for more than two days following the incident before being removed, with Describing the current state of the vehicle as a “write-off” Daniel said that the car was insured.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said the accident was still under investigation.