A VILLAGER believes junkies are using a graveyard as a makeshift drugs den.

Dafydd Roberts, who lives near the graveyard on High Street, Cefn Mawr, fears public safety might be put at risk

He says in the last few weeks he has seen drugs paraphernalia including used needles, spoons and foil left lying around on the ground

“I think it is absolutely disgraceful that the addicts are using the land for taking drugs,” he said.

“I have seen items like needles around there for about a month now. It is a very worrying situation.

“I live close by, but have never witnessed anyone taking drugs at the graveyard.

“Most probably they are doing it sometime during the night, under the cover of darkness.”

Mr Roberts added: “There is no telling what sort of potential diseases you could catch from touching these kinds of things.

“It is particularly worrying that a small child may come across them.”

Mr Roberts said he had contacted Wrexham Council twice over the matter but the local authority had not taken any action to dispose of the items safely.

John Bradbury, chief environment officer for Wrexham Council, said: “The graveyard is on private land. Therefore it is not the authority’s responsibility to clear and dispose of the items.

“However, if requested, the council can supply the landowner with boxes to safely dispose of the items.

“If residents do have any concerns about drug use in their area they should get in contact with the police.”

Yesterday the Leader reported that contaminated needles and syringes had been found in the garden of rest next to Victoria Infants and Junior School in Wrexham, a hot-spot for drug addicts.