POLICE have admitted the parking problem in a town will “never be sorted”.

Community beat manager Julie Niven told councillors the force did not have the resources to monitor illegal parking in Shotton.

Her comments came after members demanded tighter controls on double yellow parking and parking on junctions.

Cllr Elwyn Jones told a town council meeting on Monday: “We tell kids not to cross the road by parked cars but in Shotton you can’t avoid it.

“We hear that crime in Shotton has dropped so with all that time on your hands, I would like to see you on an important issue like road traffic.

“It needs tough action from the police. You are not the only police officer in Shotton. You have a whole force.”

Councillors said the problem was that there was too many cars on the road and not enough places to park them.

Chairman John Beard said: “Nobody who has a car wants to keep it in a car park half a mile away. Families used to have one car and now they have three.

“These Edwardian streets can’t handle it.”

PC Niven answered: “We are aware of the problem of parking in Shotton. Shotton is renowned for it.

“We target areas as best we can but we can’t cover the whole of Shotton all of the time. We are concentrating on schools at the moment now the children have gone back.”

She added: “I know it will never be sorted. There are not the parking facilities for the amount of houses here.”

Last month it was announced that private sector investment totalling £500 million will be injected into Deeside.

Improvements earmarked for Shotton include parking bays along Alexandra Street and improved parking facilities in Terrig Street, Clwyd Street and Butler Street.

There will also be bollards to curb car parking on Salisbury Street and King Edward Street and improved access for refuse vehicles.

A Flintshire Council spokesman said the majority of work was expected to be completed by March 31 next year.

- A TOTAL of 25 fines were issued for parking offences in Flint during June and July.

There were 10 offences on Church Street, three on Chester Street and two on Borough Grove.

Four vehicles were reported for displaying expired tax and one vehicle was reported for not displaying tax.