A PARAMEDIC has been honoured for his bravery during a river rescue.

Mark Timmins, who also works as an air paramedic, received a bravery award from North Wales Police and a special outstanding service award from his Welsh Ambulance Service colleagues in Conwy and Denbighshire.

But his heroic actions last September have reached a national audience with the paramedic also awarded the Royal Humane Society Testimonial on Parchment.

On September 26 Mark, of Ruthin, was travelling through Llangollen with his colleague Brian Rhone at about midday when they received a call that two people were in the water near the Chain Bridge Hotel.

When they reached the bank of the river Brian stayed with a patient in the ambulance while Mark found a young boy had been pulled out and was being treated by a doctor.

But the boy's father was still in the water struggling to stay afloat.

With the fire service boat rescue 20 minutes away in Ruthin, Mark made the decision to enter the river to reach the man.

He said: “I told a fireman to tie the rope around my waist and in I went.
“The man was losing consciousness as his head was bobbing down and nearing going under.

“When I got to him I shouted at him and shook him to stimulate him. I then pulled him onto me.

"I was then lying on my back and held him up by his belt with one hand and under his head with the other.

“I then shouted to the side to pull on the rope and get us out."

Once Mark and the patient reached the side, the father received treatment for severe hypothermia and was rushed with his son to Wrexham Maelor, Wrexham, where they recovered from the ordeal.

Mark, who is based at Corwen Ambulance Service, was presented with the ambulance award at Helimed 61, Caernarfon, by air paramedic clinical team.

Mr Binnington said: “I am proud to hand this over to Mark as his actions that day prevented a tragedy unfolding. We have flown together for many years so it didn’t surprise me when I heard what he had done.”